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Grout Colorant, Change your grout color, grout sealer
Coloring grout is the process of applying a colored acrylic epoxy coating to an existing sanded grout joint. This process will not only restore your grout joints to a beautiful appearance but it will also seal your grout joints better than any grout sealing product on the market. There are many colors to choose from to match any decor of your home. Once this process is done, with simple cleaning instructions your grout joints will have a seal that will last for many years. Your grout joints will never fade, stain and maintenance will be a snap. We are so confident that we will guarantee this process for a lifetime.

The Grout Coloring Process
The first thing we do is assess whether you have sanded or non-sanded grout. Because of the porosity and texture of sanded grout, grout coloring is the best method of changing the color and sealing grout. You cannot apply grout colorant to non-sanded grout, it wil not stick.

Next, depending on whether there is an existing sealer or not, we thoroughly clean the grout joints using an appropriate method.

When the grout joints are thoroughly dry we apply the grout colorant to all grout joint surfaces. We then allow the colorant to set up then wipe with a clean chamois to take away excess color sealent..

That is it! your furniture and life is usually back in order the same day. The only thing we ask is that you let the product cure at least 24 hours before you wash the floor. The use of harsh chemicals to maintain your new grout is not needed and in fact not recommended. Best of all you'll be delighted with how easy it is to maintain your new color sealed floor, countertop or walls.

Color Sealing
Protect your investment and save money with color sealing. Color sealing done correctly can dramatically change the appearance of your floor. Color sealing can also enhance and beautify your grout lines to give it a newly installed appearance at a fraction of the cost.

At Love Your Floors, we can change your existing grout lines to an entirely new color, to match existing tile, new paint, counter tops, or just to freshen up your existing decor. Color sealing also penetrates the grout to form a stain and dirt barrier making future cleanings and maintenance easier and less costly.

Clear Sealing
A clear sealer is used to repel oil and water based stains.  Most sealants on the market today tell you that should reseal the surface once every 12-18 months. Contrary to popular belief, the surface will still need deep cleaning maintenance even if it is sealed.  The sealer is design to protect against stains not every day soiling.  The soil will need to be removed at some point.  Sealing will make everyday clean up easier.  The clear sealer preserves the beauty of the surface that it protects.

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